Are you looking for a doula?

Welcome to Empowered Birthing, an exceptional doula service provided by Jamie Crouse Gwynn, Ph.D, CD(DONA), serving families in Austin, TX and the surrounding North and East communities.  Empowered Birthing supports the birthing family throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period by providing educational, emotional, and physical support to help you achieve the birth experience you've been dreaming of.  You are encouraged to learn more about the valuable services Empowered Birthing provides and how she might support you and your unique goals. If you would like more information or you would like to set up a free consultation, please leave your information on the contact page and expect a prompt reply.

How can Empowered Birthing Help You?

  • Jamie provides prenatal support: giving referrals to the best providers in your area, helping you write a birth plan, giving you resources available in your community, preparing you for the rigors of giving birth.
  • She gives continuous labor support, from the time you call until 1-2 hours after your birth. She will be by your side the whole time, helping to establish a calm, peaceful environment, encouraging you through the unknowns of labor, helping you release your fears and trust your intuition about your body and your birth, messaging your back, helping you find comfortable positions to labor in, guiding you in relaxation techniques and breathing, facilitating communication with your care provider, helping you make informed decisions about your care, and much, much more!
  • She encourages intimacy between you and your partner during labor and birth, allowing your partner to take as active a role in the birth as you both desire, while guiding your partner in techniques to support the laboring mother better. She works with partners to create a support team that meets all your unique needs during the birthing time.
  • She supports you through the early postpartum period: helping establish breastfeeding, teaching you how to care for your new baby, helping your family adjust to its newest member, making sure you have adequate support, directing you to community resources for any difficulties you may be facing.  You also have access to a cloth diaper and baby carrier rental library so you can try out products to see what suits you before making important purchases.
  • She can help reduce the risk of needing medical interventions during labor and birth. Having a doula has been shown statistically to lower the need for many medical interventions, such as pain medication, Pitocin to induce or augment your labor, and lower the risk of needing an assisted delivery with vacuum or forceps or a Cesarean birth, even decreasing the length of labor (Cochrane database). 
  • She can help you get breastfeeding off to a great start.  Research shows mothers who use a doula have better success with breastfeeding.
  • She helps facilitate the bonding with your new baby by encouraging skin-to-skin, decreasing the risk of needing NICU care, and helping create a peaceful, family-centered birthing environment that welcomes your baby into loving arms. 
  • She is here to help you have a more satisfying, empowering birth experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!
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Envision an empowered birth . . . 

Let Empowered Birthing help you achieve it!