Welcome Luna Leigh!

Thalia and Ernesto were overjoyed to welcome their precious daughter, Luna Leigh on July 24 at 6:05am. She weighed in at 7 lbs 10oz and 19 3/4 inches.

Thalia had such a beautiful positive spirit as she adapted with grace to each new challenge ahead of her.  Although she hoped for a home birth, she came to accept that her daughter would have to be born in the hospital.  And then when her water broke but labor didn't begin, she accepted the induction that she didn't plan on.  But eventually, her body took over, and Thalia surrendered to the labor process and accepted the changes her birth plan took.  But it was all worth it when her beautiful baby was laid on her chest.  

Congratulations Thalia and Ernesto as they begin their parenting journey together!

It was a pleasure to work with you and to be part of your journey!