Hazel's Birth Story

Tricia and Eric were expecting their first baby, a little girl.  They planned to give birth at Natural Beginning Birth Center.  I came during the night when Tricia was in active labor, and she was laboring in the tub.  She was well-supported with her husband, doula, and midwife at her side. She was such a peaceful laborer, and had a such a calm environment.  She labored through the night trying many different positions.

laboring in the tub--austin birth photographer
hands of support--Austin birth photographer
the tub by candlelight--Austin birth photographer
a strong grip--Austin birth photographer
a doula's support--Austin birth photographer
laboring on the toilet--Austin birth photographer
laboring in the shower--Austin birth photographer
hip squeezes--Austin birth photographer

Finally, with the morning light shining in, it was time to push!

pushing in the morning light--Austin birth photographer

She pushed with all her strength to bring that baby down.  She tried several different pushing positions and techniques.

the birth roar--Austin birth photographer
pushing on hands and knees--Austin birth photographer
a kiss of encouragement--Austin birth photographer
tug of war--Austin birth photographer

Finally, exhausted after pushing for many hours, it was decided that it was time to transfer to the hospital.  This is such an emotional decision, but she was so lovingly supported and encouraged that she was making the right decision for her baby.

the decision to transfer--Austin birth photographer

The hospital is across the street, so the whole birth team walked over with a determination to see this baby being born.

the walk to the hospital--Austin birth photographer

Her doula lovingly set up her hospital space, and she enjoyed a nap with an epidural before beginning to push again.

pushing by candlelight--Austin birth photographer
pushing with the squat bar--Austin birth photographer

After pushing again for another few hours, it was time for baby to come.  A doctor joined us and assisted with a vacuum to bring baby down the rest of the way.

the crowning--Austin birth photographer

After all her hard work, Hazel finally made her appearance and is in mama's arms.  The new family rejoiced and dad bonded with his new little girl.  

in mama's arms--Austin birth photographer
Holding daddy's finger--Austin birth photographer
"you did it" kiss--Austin birth photographer
baby breastfeeding--Austin birth photographer

Radiant, yet exhausted, a full 24 hours later, mom finally achieved the fruit of her labor and had her baby girl in her arms. She worked so hard and was so brave and determined through all the changes in plans.  The depth of love and strength of a mother as she works to bring her baby earthside is unplumbed.  

the proud mama--Austin birth photographer

Congratulations Tricia and Eric! It was an honor to document your story!